My Purpose

I have been blogging randomly for a few years now.  It started as a business blog, and then I began to blog about the happenings around our home.  Because I am a mother to many, 11 to be exact, and run a home business my blogging has been sporadic at times, and dealt with all kinds of topics.  But lately I have been wanting to do something more purposeful with blogging.  After mulling this over for a few weeks, and praying about it this morning, I found a purpose for a new blog.  Letters to my daughters.

But why letters to my daughters in such a public forum?  Because my daughters encompass more than just my biological daughters, but they will be the focus of my posts.  I have mentored many young women through the years, both in my extended family as well as friends of my daughters and other young women who have come into my life.  These are my spiritual daughters.  They are not always available for teaching on a regular basis, so a blog is a great way to put all the things I want to share with them in a place where they can be found, anytime!

I am also inspired to put these things in a blog because someday I might not be here or able to share these things with my daughters.  I have no idea how many days God has given me to spend on this earth serving Him.  I may live to be over 100 years old like my grandmother, or I may only have a few days/weeks/years before I go home to be with my Lord.  I may live out my days with mental clarity, or I may experience things that make me unable to share these things with my daughters.

God has taught me so much through the years, things that I never learned growing up and things that have been lost in our culture.  I want to be able to pass on these things to my daughters so they can start their lives so much better equipped than I was.  This will enable them to better serve God all their lives by fulfilling the high calling of godly womanhood right from the start.  Not floundering like I did trying to "keep up with the Jones's" and beginning my life as a home maker with little to no skills, and following the world's advice as to being a wife and mother.  I want to equip my daughters so that they enter marriage and motherhood with a good supply of the proper tools (and I'm not just talking about kitchen gadgets) and a strong relationship with their Lord that will carry them through the tough times.

I hope you are blessed by what I will share with you, and I pray the Lord will use this to equip many young women to make a difference in our world by fulfilling the High Calling of godly womanhood.

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